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Work From Our Home

Creative people like to be around creative people. We like to be around creative people. If you’re a freelance creative working in production or post and advertising or marketing, our home at Limehouse has desks available.

“At the moment our production hub includes two freelance editors, a videographer, and an animator and motionFX artist renting longer term, while the other desks have been used by photographers, directors, flame artists, VFX artists and designers,” explains MD & EP, Duncan Harriss. “Of course, they are free to use the facilities however they like, but the share gives back a little more too. It’s buzzy, we’re all learning off each other, ideas spark and it has led to some cool collaborations.”

This year, we invested a lot of time – and $100,000 - into our infrastructure to support our unique way of working. We made Limehouse a place where everyone wants to work and where everyone can work well. We also integrated our platforms so that anyone can plug into our hub whether working remotely or in the studio. We boosted our TV and motion workflows - edit, grade, animation and FX. We upgraded our edit suite, network and internet capacities, CGI render farm and tech stack, and are building out our colour workflow to support ACES. Our desks partially fund our upgrades, so you’ll be helping us to help you have the most up-to-date casual workspace possible.

We love what we do and a collaborative spirit is built into who we are, with our core team and a circle of freelance specialists and a system that lets everyone plug in whether they’re working remotely or at our home. We add freelancers to our team regularly to build the best mix of talent for every job so getting to know each other can be useful too, and it’s fun. It’s why we like to share our space.

“Meeting new people directly feeds into how we work, so whether we are working with them on projects or they are joining us in studio, it helps us keep the work fresh,” Duncan says. “Fresh ideas can benefit the talent in our hub too. We also have drop-in desks that are free for a day although some people stay around a bit longer.”

“Having like-minded creatives in the same space makes for great and geeky conversations work and play related,” added James Lucas, Limehouse Creative Director and Partner. “I've personally worked on Limehouse projects with three of the guys in our studio, who've also opened my mind to music genres I didn't even know existed."

If you’d like to get to know us first, great. Try a desk, join us for our monthly trip to the pub. Or come to our Creative Circle events in 2022. That's what they're for. A social space for industry creatives to all get together. To launch the first one with a bang, we're throwing in our 10th birthday celebration budget too. Everyone in the industry is welcome.

If you’re interested in using a drop-in desk or looking for longer term rent options, get in touch or come in to the Limehouse studio for a free trial.

Our studio space includes:
  • 24/7 secure access (lift to a private floor)

  • Highspeed 1gb fibre internet

  • 10gbe n/w

  • Edit Suite (avid/resolve/adobe creative suite) / available to hire

  • CGI workstations (max/maya) & Access to Render farm (vray/redshift) / available to hire

  • Ducted A/C & Heat

  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom with shower

  • Rest and meeting areas

  • Secure space to park bikes

  • Street parking

  • Near Central Station, Central Park/Broadway

We offer fair rates depending on your needs.

Meet some of the guys sharing our space:

Here’s a few projects we’ve collaborated on for Zambrero, Google & Parker Pen.

Interested in sharing our space?

Reach out to us directly at


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