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Creative Circle
An exclusively inclusive advertising industry event series

We’re all about bringing the best in the industry together.

And good things happen when people get together and talk about what’s on their mind.

So we’ve launched Creative Circle, an ongoing quarterly event series with Campaign Brief, an event where all creative and production people in adland are welcome.


Come for the free drink. The great company. To meet someone new. Or catch up with old mates. Come, too, for the discussion. Our only door policy is that you love what you do, are respectful and bring a positive vibe.


We’re not planning to change the world, but we hope we can make the industry a bit better by providing a place where people feel welcome, come to meet people they wouldn’t usually meet and talk about the things that matter to them. If they want to. 


We hope to introduce some of the important topics affecting the industry today and discuss them in a casual environment. We have ideas about how to make this work well, but we’d love to hear from you too, to help us shape Creative Circle into the future.


Or just come for the fun of it.


Our events have limited capacity, but everyone will get an invite to at least one in the series and we will do our best to keep a mix of agency, production, post, artists and tech people and have a fresh venue for each event.

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