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Parker Pen

agency - Face to Face

integrated creative director - Fabian Ruether

head of creative servicing - Mark Sell


Production& Post - Limehouse

Live Action

cd - James Lucas

producer - Ashlee Savins

shoot & edit - Chaylon Fraser

robot camera - Jeremy Hudson

stylist - Jacqui Ives

CGI Stills, Animation & Post

CGI - Chris Andrews & Conor Goon


Parker Pens are known for being timeless and sophisticated. We've helped bring to life a suite of photorealistic visuals to showcase this. 


We've created stylised still life images entirely in CGI through to product videos unveiling the story of Parker Pen's heritage, functionality and modernity.


For live action videos & photography, we ran the production and completed post in house. We also built full CGI stills and animations across multiple versions, pen designs, colours & materials since CGI is so flexible.

We'll be adding more of the Parker Pen product suite here on this page as they roll out.