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agency - Studio air

head of creative - Dan Aldridge

director of production - Nancy-Maree Every

photographer - Jeremy Shaw

assistant - Christo Herriot

shoot production + post - Limehouse

3D + retouch - Limehouse

LAVO broke into mainstream with Hydrogen battery technology and needed a hand with showcasing their flash new units in the launch visuals. Our production & post work in this project is a classic example of using integrated production to build stunning imagery. The best finish requires the post to be considered throughout the production and this job evolved to utilise multiple techniques across location photography, CGI & retouching to get the highest quality result. 


We were engaged to help with CGI work, but rather than stock, we suggested shooting would give the best result. On this one we engaged photographer Jeremy Shaw as a perfect fit to capture the hydrogen powered BBQ and home amongst the hinterland surrounds. We build the CGI beforehand to be able to pre visualise in scene, and then overlay the CGI on shoot day to match perspectives. Our artists built the hydrogen storage unit & solar panels in 3D, comp'd them into the location shots, and used data from the shoot to match lighting & reflections in post. You can see here the CGI unit dropped in scene to perfectly match the photography.  

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