'Hardys 'Elevate your Expectations

client - Hardys
retouching & cgi - Limehouse creative
agency - Below & Beyond
executive creative director - Michael Blumberg
art director - Owen Kane
account director - Bridget Gordon
account manager - Alyssa Anderson

agency - MKTG

art director - Owen Kane

account manager - Andrea Harris

We’re really proud to present these fully CGI bottles

Below + Beyond and Accolade Wines wanted a modern take on wine advertising, something beautiful and premium.

Everything was created in 3D, however it had to be entirely photorealistic, as good as any CGI bottles anywhere, heaps of intricate detail and high enough resolution for both point of sale and oversized billboard.

The backgrounds were also fully CGI. Designed to be premium materials, and both familiar but intriguingly unidentifiable.

The detail on every aspect of the bottles, label and backgrounds was lovingly crafted, and we think it’s shows… Zoom in and take a look for yourself and keep an eye out as they are all around Sydney and one on a huge billboard at the airport.



Passes & Work-Up

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tel - +61 2 9698 5398