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client - Fiji Airways
photographer - Jonathan May
agent - Flipp Management
retouching & 3d - Limehouse creative
cgi - Chairs built in 3ds Max from CAD data
agency - Iris Worldwide
art director - Alex Goodman / Brad Jones
producer - Michael Wilson
account manager - Courtney Borg


Early on in pre-production we explored with the agency and photographer the best way to produce this project.

The locations were remote and so transporting airline chairs did not make good sense. Going the 3D route also had an advantage that we could use the latest chair models and add and clean up features on the chairs during their build to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Engaging us so early meant we had the time to get real examples of the materials on the chair and get the builds finished before the shoots which meant they could be used to previs the scene before and on shoot. The same with capturing HDRIs and planning out the lighting on location shoot and then afterwards in studio to match in and with the talent. 

The result is photo-real chairs and seated talent.

It is this type of early conversation and planning that gives everyone a real advantage in getting the best result from photography and CGI, or in fact from from any media types.

Fiji Sample
Fiji Sample
Fiji Chairs
Fiji Talent
Fiji Sample
Fiji Sample
Fiji Chairs
Fiji Talent
Reference & CGI Build-Up