'SuperbaKrill 'A Moving Story 

client - Aker


Limehouse creative

Talent - Andrew Vial

Director - Tom Spark

First Assistant - John Gatliff

Second Assistant - Nathan Johnson

Producer - Ashlee Savins

Stylist - Michelle Dube

Integrated Production & Post - Limehouse

V/O - Matt Bowman

Sound - UV Sound


6AM Agency

Agency - The 6AM Agency

Executive Creative Director - Nitin Mistry

Copywriter - Will Salkeld

Account Director - Alex King

A great brief to explore and capture documentary style the life of an older adult who had an unusual and surprisingly physical talent that proves that age is just a number. Through some clever casting we discovered Limehouse’s new favourite gentleman, Andrew Vial, 78 years old. He has skills a-plenty including a black belt in WingChun but his true passion was his long-time hobby of race speed skating.

We knew we were onto a winner when he pulled up to the casting in his Porsche Boxster, top down, and wearing leather pants. 

Some great little cinematographic touches helped create the juxtaposition between the expectation of a typical 78 year old, and the race skater and Argentinian tango dancer Andrew we love.


Our integrated production approach allowed us to film and capture stills in a single long day and planning smart share costs across both to keep to a tight budget and timeline.


A Moving Story

Behind the Scenes

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