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'Zambrero 'Last Bus

agency - Lionize

cd - Richard Price

content producer - Mitch Clark

business director - Luke Hardiman


Limehouse Production 

sound recordist - Mathew Cleary

grip - Geoffrey Full

grip assist - Rohan Peacock

rigger - Alex Cabrera

runner - James Berry

food stylist - Nicola Sinclair

food stylist assist - Honor Sinclair

HMUA - Emily Rose Braithwaite

bus driver - Jonathan Stuart

covid marshall / nurse - Kerrie Liegel

safety officer - Peter Barr

unit manager - Amelia Mastro-Battista

 director - Toby Morris

DOP - Gregoire Liere

producer - Ashlee Savins

md / ep - Duncan Harriss

cd - James Lucas

1st AD - Matt Enfield

stylist - Jacqui Ives

stylist on set - Claudia Wilkinson

1st AC - Tom Rolfe

2nd AC - Saxon Welsh

gaffer - Storm Ashwood

lighting assist - Lewis Grant

lighting assist 2 - Kyle Stephens

SFX supervisor - David Tretheway

SFX assistant - Paris Grant

SFX assistant - Jordan Bissaker

water cart - Alan Wearne

SFX / armoury - Anthony Bennett


One of our biggest productions, we managed pre production and 30+ crew on set.  Up against the elements, we still enjoyed working together to bring this Zambrero TVC to life. This production proved our adaptability; that we can do high-quality work in a boutique way – in a smart way.

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