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 Lion - XXXX

agency - Host/Havas

creative director - Matt Ennis

senior producer - Anthony Martin

photographer (of surfer) - Peter 'Bosko' Boskovic

CGI & Retouching - Limehouse


For XXXX Gold, we did the CG & retouch for Lion's iconic QLD brew, setting quite the scene for a coastal adventure! The giant can & gorgeous shoreline were retouched together with CGI built 4WDs kicking up sandy simulated dust (via Phoenix).


For XXXX Dry, our retouch team stitched together drone & stock photography, and applied matte painting techniques to make sure the surf & shoreline looked exactly as it should across all formats.

LNAXX8052 - XXXX GOLD-ROC_1080x1920px.jpg
HAVAS_0012_XXXX_close up.jpg
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