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Nature One Dairy

client - Nature One Dairy
agency - Helsinki Agency
production company - The Incredible Production Collective
director - Christian Mushenko
creative director - Mike Bollen
producer - Helen doick
production assistant - Mark Gardiner
1AC - Dani Potts
1AC - Christian Barbeitos
gaffer - Graham Dickson
Best Boy - John Domeney
stylist - Lydia Jane Saunders
hair & makeup - Kimberley Forbes
nurse - catherine Powel

post production & VFX - Limehouse


Loved doing the post and VFX on this TV ad for The Incredible Production Collective and Christian Mushenko

Limehouse was involved in Pre-production, vfx supervision and all of the post production.


Being involved with Pre-production and being on-set meant that we could collaborate with the producer and director, to make sure that the technical factors wouldn't impede the creative.

Working with the team of IPC (The Incredible Production Collective), we assisted any challenges that arose regarding talent position, green screen setup, camera and set limitations.

Post production included keying and rotoscoping talent, replacing walls with projections of new backgrounds (cows in field), merging plates for a final pack shot, offline and online edits and grade.

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