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LIMEHOUSE_2021 LOGO_stacked.png


agency - The Hallway

head of project management - Libby Hams

senior producer - Michael Wilson

senior account manager - Lisa Solomon

senior art director - Aldo Ferretto

senior copywriter - Jessica Thompson

production - Limehouse

director - Limehouse Copestick

dop - Pat Harris

creative director - James Lucas

producer - Ashlee Savins

stylist - Jacqui Ives

assistant - Eric Cech

post production - Limehouse

cd + retouching - James Lucas

edit + motion graphics - Bill McGuire

sound design - Uncanny Valley


As a sharespace, Dexus needed to ensure their clients peace of mind when returning to their spaces after COVID lockdowns. With a fun & quirky campaign of a 90sec video and stills, we were able to capture the additional measures that were being taken within their facilities and welcome everyone back. We produced the campaign from start to finish, integrating production and post. Since we offer both, we could make the execution smarter with quick, safe, cost effective options while choosing the right techniques to use for the best overall output.

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