Hyundai i40

photographer - Alan & Gretchen
production - Helen @ HelenandGrant
agency - Innocean worldwide
production director - Steve Dube
creative director - Scott Lambert
art director - Mike Lind
land art - Jim Denevan


Make An Impression campaign for Hyundai i40 Tourer.


Alan & Gretchen were commissioned to travel to Lake Rebecca, a large salt lake in a remote area of Western Australia, Kookynie, to shoot this beautiful print campaign for Innocean. Working in constantly changing environment the salt patterns changed daily as high winds and desert sun dried the lake surface. American artist Jim Denevan was commissioned to design and create a 2 mile square pattern on the treacherous lake’s unpredictable surface.

The cars could not be lit close up as the any walking or equipment on the salt plains in shot would leave visible footprints and disrupt the natural beauty of the deposits. So, apart from the usual care and attention given to the beauty retouch of the cars in each shot, a huge amount of time went in to delicately highlighting, emphasizing and brushing back onto the surface of the car the reflections and natural colours caught on the bodywork from the sky and the earth. For example, the redness of the earth in the tracks was gently bought out and the detail in the salt plains nearest the camera sharpened.

Hyundai i40
Hyundai i40
Hyundai i40