Flood NSW

​integrated ​p​roduction​ - Limehouse

CGI elements & retouching - Limehouse

flame artist - Heather Galvin @ Limehouse


client - SES NSW

agency - Banjo

agency producer - Angelita Gandakusuma

creative - David Jones Hawke

digital - Vince Leong

photographer - Jeremy Hudson

DOP/ videographer - Simon Higgins

gaffa - Craig Skyes

lighting assistant Curtis knight

assistants - Mal Lyons + Ryan Lee


props & styling - Yippee Ki Yay 

art direction - Brad Burnet

art assistant - Simon Ingerson


A cool and unique idea from Banjo. 

It floods in NSW and in previous years it has reached 19m. While flood's of this height are not frequent, floods are, and they are always dangerous.

Kids think it's fun and go play, boat and swim in the water but the floods are deep and filled with farm equipment, rubbish, barbed wire, snakes, and all sorts of other items that injure and kill including even the occasional whole tree and car.

Many people have lost their lives in the floods, and the dangers are relatively unknown, even to those living in the area.

We were asked to help create a campaign to help save lives by showcasing this by creating a dangerous rising flood video full of these hidden items. 

Also high resolution print executions for outdoor that showed the tide line and remaining rubbish on signs where the flood had receded,

The video needed to be 4K so that it could be used across OOH, POS, online and social formats. This included a flood that would wash up and down instagram and social media feeds and wash away your photos.


To create something realistic for the video was tricky.  We considered all options and decided that the best result would be to shoot miniatures in a large tank with installed, controllable water vortexes.

The print was flat lay shot in the same studio with life sized objects - branches and litter and mud from the affected regions.


The video was then comp'ed together in Flame and we added background and various elements in CGI + matte painted backgrounds.

A true multi format, multi channel campaign, that required our unique offering of production and in house post for both stills + motion.

Watch the Video
Watch the Breakdown Video



  • Entirely shot in RAW 4K at 120 fps

  • Composited final made up of live action miniatures and CGI elements.

  • Additional hero debris were shot in clean water and rotoscoped. Then compositied back in to match the hero live action plate.

  • CGI surface waves and foam were added to create depth on top of the flatter live action plate. 

  • The 3D debris that floats in the water is physically simulated for realism 


Banjo contacted us to produce this visual,
which is a frightening look at what could happen and has previously happened when a flood hits areas of NSW.

Consisting of a large mix of VFX. With live action, miniatures and CGI, it was composited together to create a really interesting finish.

Behind the Scenes

Level 3, 48 Chippen Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008, Australia

tel - +61 2 9698 5398

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