McDonald Jones Homes

Client - McDonald Jones Homes

Photographer - Janyon Boshoff

Assistant photographer - Isaac MacLurcan

Producer - Renae Begent

Stylist - Rebecca Riegger

Hair & makeup - Michelle Dube

Integrated production & post - Limehouse creative

Agency - Enigma communications

Head of production - Katie Hope

Executive creative director - Pete Ogden

Senior art director - Luke Duggan

Account director - Brendan Swansborough

As soon as we saw Enigma’s idea for an integrated campaign for McDonald Jones homes 30th anniversary 12 homes giveaway, we were in, how doesn’t love confetti.

We explored all options – adding the confetti in post in but ultimately decided the best for the job was to shoot all in camera so on our recommendation of a few photographers and a stylist, we discussed with client and got to work.

We find the best solution. Sometimes we produce everything in house, but frequently we work closely with the photographer and director agent and team.

Limehouse led but this one was a joint effort: Our producer worked closely with Janyon’s, Penny, and Rebecca and crew specifically chosen to shoot both stills and video.

Multiple formats were needed including large format billboards as well as social content pieces.

Location & casting locked and Confetti cannons loaded, and leaf hoovers at the ready to clear the aftermath we got to causing a mess.

Integrated productions : a perfect opportunity to shoot, produce and post these elements together.


McDonald Jones Homes

'30th birthday giveaway'

Behind the Scenes

Level 3, 48 Chippen Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008, Australia

tel - +61 2 9698 5398