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Mr Beak's Sausage

client - Beaks & Sons sausage
agency - MJW
photographer - Billy Blummer
agent - SamIAm
creative director - Neil Flory
copywriter - Gareth Fitzpatrick
head of art - Eeuwout Baart
senior art director - Dutchy & Jon Foye
account director - Sanja Zanelli
producer - Chelsea Claydon

With the creative guidance of the boys at MJW and the sharp eye of Billy plummer we created Richard the sausage.
He’s an upper crust sausage character who’s in complete denial about being one: made from 92%beef, he’s on a mission to get himself relocated to the prime meats section of the supermarket, proving that he’s just no common sausage.

We started by modelling a face in 3d to look like a real sausage. The face was then matched to an expression shot by Billy.
We then added additional bits of real shot sausage, and a layer of ‘liquid plastic’ which was rendered to give him a slight ‘freshly cooked’ shine and sheen.

Beak & Sons
Beak & Sons
Beak & Sons
Beak & Sons
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